Hoshizaki America Environmental Mission

The Hoshizaki America environmental plan is based on ISO-14001 which stipulates development of Energy Saving products, as well as, Conservation and Preservation practices. Hoshizaki America is leading the way as the first and only US foodservice equipment manufacturer to achieve certification.

Products: Hoshizaki America meets all US regulations and standards including AB1953 (lead-free products). All of our products are DOE compliant and many meet Energy Star criteria. Additionally, our products meet European standards of RoHS and Canadian NRCAN.

Customer Focus: Continuous improvements to our products for energy and water consumption reductions result in lower operation cost for our customers. Our products are as good for your business as they are for our planet.

End of Life Disposal: Warranty returns and parts are 100% recycled.

Recycling: All metal scrap including steel, aluminum, and copper are recycled 100%. All batteries are recycled 100%. All IT equipment and electronic equipment are 100%. Packaging by-products, cardboard, and reusable pallets are recycled 100%